Even in Legal Marketing, Price ALWAYS Matters

Recently I read a post by a legal blogger that warned readers to “never compete on price,” which struck me as quaintly out of touch

Price Matters in Professional Services

with the market for professional services, and egregiously self-serving.  You see, this blogger’s business is building blogs — something you can easily do yourself with professional-looking results in an afternoon — for free — using Google’s Blogger service or WordPress . 

The post was prompted by a sales discussion wherein a prospective customer questioned why this blog development firm’s initial fee was double that of a competitor’s. In a clunky bit of sophistry, the author asserts that charging lawyers well above market for a commoditized service like blog development and hosting actually helps them because “Focusing on price, as opposed to quality and service, leaves the American lawyer ill-served. It’s not what companies serving lawyers should be all about.” 

It’s not what they should be “all about,” but price definitely matters — a lot. Law firms are businesses, and what successful business does not factor price into the equation on EVERY vendor decision? Has anyone successfully gone into a competitive pitch saying, “We’re not going to talk about price because it’s beneath us, and it should be beneath you.” 

Price is concrete; “quality” and “service” are the subjective filters through which we view price and form our perception of value. You can’t compete on quality and service without putting a price tag on it.