Case Study: The Power of One FASB Lease Accounting Software Infographic

Microsoft Excel is a remarkably robust tool, but when it comes to implementing the new FASB lease accounting standard (ASC Topic 842), the workhouse spreadsheet software isn’t up to the task.

As of Dec. 15, 2018, all public companies will be required to account for virtually all leases on their balance sheet. While that date seems to be a long way off, companies already should be well under way with identifying, implementing and testing a technology solution that can handle the complexities of the new standard.

Since every corporation that leases space is affected by this rule, and all of those companies will need new software, you’d think savvy software marketers would be all over this. Well, think again.

FASB Lease Accounting Software Implementation Timeline

What Lucernex Got Right

Lucernex, a Dallas-based provider of integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software, consistently comes up as one of the top organic results for a “FASB lease accounting software” search with a simple but highly effective content marketing/SEO tool: an infographic. That’s no small feat.

The success of the Lucernex infographic can be attributed to several factors.

  • Timing – They posted it quickly and prominently in time to ride the first wave of search activity after the new standard was finalized/announced.
  • Keyword rich, SEO-optimized – They did their homework and stuffed the infographic with juicy FASB lease accounting software variants. They also refresh the content regularly to maintain their SEO mojo.
  • Lack of content competition – If their competitors have published comparable — or better — content, it’s not showing up in organic search — or paid, for that matter.
  • Ingenius and engaging – It might be too cartoony from some tastes, but you have to give them credit for focusing on a few critical points and literally animating an otherwise dry topic.

Here’s My Take on a FASB Lease Accounting Infographic

If there’s a FASB lease accounting software company out there — even Lucernex — that wants a fresh take on a FASB infographic, feel free to use the one I created (below). It lays out the key milestones for an achievable (read: non-rushed) FASB lease accounting software implementation timeline.

By now companies should have their system requirements defined and an RFP in the hands of their shortlist of potential technology and implementation partners. To stay on track, the final vendor pick(s) should be made by the end of June.

And then the real fun begins…

FASB lease accounting compliance infographic

Why Is This Post on a Legal Marketing Blog?

If you’ve read this far, you already have the answer. Infographics grab and keep reader attention, even if the reader has only a tangential interest in the topic. Upcoming posts will use this infographic to illustrate how infographics can be some of the most effective, easy-to-create and inexpensive tools in your marketing toolbox.