Visual Storytelling: 3 Powerful Attorney Bios

Most  attorney bio videos have a long way to go before they start resonating with potential clients on an intellectual and emotional level only possible through visual storytelling.

While the current vogue in legal marketing is the “good enough quality in high volume” approach, some professional firms are investing in powerful visual narratives that make memorable, durable connections with viewers.

About Face Media, creators and producers of short-form documentaries for online and social media marketing, developed a series of biographical vignettes for San Francisco law firm Howard Rice. Without expounding a bulleted list of talking points, each video conveys the firm’s values, as well as the individual subject’s capabilities and character.

Do you think a documentary-style attorney bios would elevate your brand and generate inquiries, or is a consistent output of basic, topical videos more important for your business development model? Do you use both?