4 Personal Injury Lawyer Personas: Which One Are You?

Plaintiff attorneys are a colorful tribe, especially personal injury lawyers. That vibrancy is partly a function of their marketing genius, particularly TV advertising. Late night reruns and daytime talk/courtroom shows are flooded with ads selling the same personal injury plaintiff services, but the value propositions and brands are differentiated in very clear ways:

  • Ads feature a single spokesperson who performs the role of a very specific character — or caricature —  intended to personify the brand (no one actually talks or acts like that in real life, let alone in a courtroom).
  • Exaggerated intensity, ranging from kinetic aggression to intimidating seriousness.
  • A clear, concise slogan and/or positioning statement.
  • SEO-optimized keywords sprinkled throughout.

4 Injury Lawyer Personas in Austin, Texas

This market doesn’t lack for personal injury lawyer ads on local TV programming, but the following seem to claim the largest share of voice. They also represent some distinct archetypes intended to appeal to distinct types of potential clients:

  • The Appeal to Reason — I start with Funk & Associates because principal Yanni Funk’s approach is so starkly different from his competitors in pace and message. Where his competitors are fast-talking, bordering on frenetic, Funk’s tone is slow, calm and a tad condescending — like a teacher or clergyman at great pains to make and reinforce a simple truth. His current catch phrase is “Do the research.” In a couple of current spots he clearly takes a swipe at his competitors by promising “no gimmicks.”

  • The Texan — Injury lawyer Wayne Wright goes full cliche with his spots: Serious sounding voiceovers, suspenseful music, follow shot through luxury office space, book-lined conference room and impressive conference table, assistants handing over files, American flag, a panning shot of a gavel — the usual lawyer tropes. The video below ends with a low camera angle — to make the lawyers look taller. A phalanx of lawyers led by Wright strides purposefully through parting doors toward the camera, as they all place white cowboy hats on their heads. Favorite phrases: “You deserve respect and justice, so we demand it,” says Wright as he leans and punches toward the camera with white hat in hand to emphasize the key words, then grabbing his suitcase and rushing out of frame, as though we’d caught him as he rushes to another courtroom.

  • The Kitchen SinkTony Nguyen manages to cram everything into his adds. Back ramrod straight and arms gesturing forcefully, he promises:
    • We’ll always fight for the big money
    • Interest-free loans (forgiven if he doesn’t “win”)
    • Free consultations
    • We will come to you
    • Biggest settlement possible

And he brings it all home with a memorable toll-free number — 1-800-35 [like the interstate through the heart of Austin]-Texas.

  • No-Nonsense — Austin attorney Ted Lorenz hit the SEO jackpot when he grabbed the URL www.austinaccidentattorney.com. He has numerous TV spots in rotation, but they all contain some variation on a description of a client’s accident followed by the judgment sum his firm obtained at trial. Keywords include “no runaround,” “no nonsense,” and “it’s just that easy,” and “it’s just that fast.”


What are some of your favorite personal injury lawyer ads, wherever they are? Add your links in thoughts in the comments section.

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