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How to Break Through the Clutter of Personal Injury Law Firm Commercials

One of my guilty pleasures is periodically recording/watching courtroom series like The People’s Court and Judy Judge to check out the current state of personal injury law firm commercials. For the most part this ad genre is formulaic — Standard intros/outros of an attorney looking and sounding tough, combined with scripted, woodenly delivered client testimonials.

Law firm client service

Returning calls from potential clients is no laughing matter

But recently I came across two ads from Funk & Associates in Austin that broke through the clutter. The first caught my attention because it breaks the mold of standard  value propositions of personal injury law firm commercials. Most firms cite large settlements/awards or the attorneys’ tenacity. What got my attention in the Funk ad was a simple promise  — they return your calls.


No matter the type of case, every client — I mean EVERY client — places a premium on responsiveness. Why not lead with that? It’s such a great spot; I wish I could find a link to an online version. I’ll keep looking and will post an update if/when I find one.

Another Funk ad commands attention for another reason: There’s no talking. It’s comprised of a series of strong still images with text, set to dramatic instrumental music. The messages themselves are standard personal injury law firm commercial fare, but the ad’s form factor demands your attention. The typical viewer listens to ads on commercial TV but doesn’t pay close attention — everything blends together. But because we’ve been conditioned to expect narration during commercials, the lack of a voiceover actually draws attention and focus, and you can’t help but read along to the end.

Check it out. The video is on their website home page, entitled “The Tough Lawyer.”