Why Solo and Small Law Firms Are Ripe for Marketing Automation

Small law firm success has always been a matter of making the most out of limited time and resources — a complex mix of too many tasks, competing priorities and unrelenting deadlines. But with the advent of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS), small and solo law firms have the ability to conquer the chaos through marketing automation.

Sophisticated marketing, CRM, e-commerce and all-in-one solutions are now available on a subscription basis, so firms don’t need to purchase or maintain computer hardware. And subscription fees are a fraction of the cost of purchasing powerful software suites outright.

In other words, the practical and technological barriers to marketing automation for law firms have been eliminated, and it’s time to start thinking big.

12 Big Reasons to Start Automating Your Marketing Now

  • Confidently manage higher volumes of leads, prospects and clients as they move through your qualification pipeline
  • Build lists more rapidly
  • Target and customize offers and communications more precisely
  • Eliminate manual errors
  • Reduce e-mail bounce rates
  • Create follow-up sequences that run automatically
  • Improve the quality and number of touches with prospective clients (remember, seven times is a charm)
  • Adapt and switch out campaigns faster and with greater agility
  • Generate and manage healthy complexity in your marketing campaigns
  • Increase your analytical capabilities
  • Reclaim and redeploy your time
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your business can speed along without your constant involvement and vigilance

Don’t Get Left Behind

Marketing automation for solo and small firms is a fast-developing segment. The first tools to emerge were point solutions for specific activities, like e-mail marketing. As the success of automated campaigns and communications rolled on, the need for integrated end-to-end sales funnel management capabilities like CRM and e-commerce became more obvious and acute.

Today, marketing automation is experiencing a new surge of innovation in areas like all-in-one solutions, and integration with adjacent activities like practice management and logistics. So the question isn’t whether you should be investing in marketing automation for your law firm, but instead, how much and how quickly.

Are you contemplating a marketing automation solution? What questions or concerns do you have?

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