Google+ for Lawyers: Reduced to a “Just in Case” SEO Strategy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I hate to say “I told you so, but…”

The rapturous welcome and flood of sign-ups for Google+ last summer can no longer disguise the platform’s fundamental problems. For example, tracking research by comScore shows that in January the average user spent a paltry 3 minutes on Google+ – which was lower than even perennial social media afterthought MySpace.

It seems the best argument Google+’s supporters can muster is that “No one has a firm grip on where Google+ is headed, but their[sic] is no question it’s here to stay and is going to influence search and discovery of information and people.”

Notwithstanding such confident but unsupported claims, unless Google+ becomes more attractive to subscribers and demonstrates clear ROI, it’s not worthwhile for solo and small firm lawyers to squander time and attention on experimentation with it.


  1. dtoddsmith says:

    It’s funny, Jay.  I posted a semi-rant about G+ on my G+ page and only a couple of people responded.  Here is the link:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/106937137815135185495/posts/7axSdamoYCo.
    I used to see value in G+ for lawyers without any other web presence.  With Facebook business pages and the stats on G+ you cite, I’m not so sure.

    • FollowtheLawyer says:

      Hi Todd,
      It’s the “social proof” effect. With so many sign-ups happening so quickly, so much “expert” buzz — and it’s Google, after all — there’s this stubborn belief that it’s working (or is right on the cusp of catching fire) when it’s really not.
      It might build up a head of steam at some point, but as you pointed out, resource-constrained solos and small firms don’t have the luxury of pouring resources into participating on an under-performing, standalone platform.

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