Twitter for Law Firms: Better Tweeting Through Science

Dan Zarrella is one of the most influential people in social media because he takes a rigorous, empirical approach to proving, disproving and improving the basic elements of online networking and marketing.

In the following infographic, Zarrella illustrates how various factors affect click-through rates (number of clicks / number of followers = CTR) of hyperlinks embedded into tweets. The variables tested include:

  • The tweet’s length.
  • The position of the link within the tweet.
  • Your tweet frequency.
  • Common terms and phrases that stimulate click-through.
  • Best times of day to tweet.

As the saying goes, “individual results might vary,” but the beauty of Twitter is that it doesn’t cost you anything to run a test of your own.

Do you have any secrets for getting followers to click through? Retweet?


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