Welcome to the New Home of Shatterbox!

It was great, WordPress.com – and we’re grateful to still have your exceptional DNA – but it’s time for the Shatterbox blog to move on up to its own de-luxe domain in the cloud: Shatterbox.biz.

For you, gentle readers, not much has changed. The look, feel and layout are a little fresher and – one hopes – more engaging. The biggest changes will be going on behind the scenes, where we’ll be working to maximize the blog’s potential through cunning plug-ins and more customization.

Since it’s a launch of sorts, we’ll take this opportunity to rededicate Shatterbox to the motto:

“Endeavor to make it useful”

We hope you will continue to share your insights and opinions here as the spirit moves you.


  1. Congratulations and Happy New Home! 🙂

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