Talk About Your Clients

[Video by William J. Cole via YouTube]

I continue to be impressed with what ELPO Law is doing on Facebook.

Whenever a client (which ELPO is not) frets that they’ll run out of things to post on Twitter or Facebook, my immediate response is always “Talk about your clients. Celebrate their accomplishments.”

Today, the ELPO Facebook page features a message about Kindred Healthcare, which links to Kindred’s Facebook page:

“Our congratulations to Kindred Healthcare, our client, for this outstanding honor in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Well-earned for their continued compassion and care for their patients and their families.”

On May 17, ELPO gave a Facebook shout out to Kindred and two other clients honored by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce:

“Three of our clients were named Best Places to Work in Kentucky recently by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management. Congratulations to Kindred Healthcare, Independence Bank and the Simpson County Schools Board of Education.”

What ELPO is doing right:

  • While far too many law firms are still chasing the blog bandwagon, broadcasting “thought leadership” into the echo chamber, ELPO is engaging directly with current and potential clients on a personal level, and on a networking platform optimized for that kind of sharing.
  • By default or design, this strategy aligns with a cornerstone axiom of business development: Your current clients are your best clients. In-selling to current clients generates more revenue and costs less than trying to win new ones.  Further, that deeper level of connectedness with clients generates referrals and positive word of mouth for attracting new prospects.

If you’re serious about learning how to make Facebook work for your firm, watch pages like ELPO Law.

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