6 Ways Social Media Marketing for Law Firms Is Like Joining a Gym

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtgWu5ysh-Y&w=480&h=390]As I’ve chronicled before, there seems to be one basic blog post about how to succeed in social media marketing, and most bloggers are content to warm up the same basic recipe over and over again, repackaged and passed along like the proverbial Christmas fruitcake. So I thought I’d try my hand at a different approach, more attuned to the national mania for diet and fitness fads.

  1. Before you start, decide on your goals. Your fitness goals — weight loss, strength, conditioning, body shaping — determine the exercises, equipment, settings, frequency and effort levels that are best for achieving them. Similarly, your marketing objectives — direct leads, website and blog traffic, Twitter followship, LinkedIn connections, speaking opportunities — determine the best social media platforms, content distribution models and networking tactics to utilize.
  2. Joining a fancy gym doesn’t help if you don’t go. Once the contract is signed, you’ve been shown how to operate the equipment, and the recurring monthly charges kick in, blog hosting companies — like fitness clubs — generally don’t care whether you show up regularly or not. Which leads to my next point…
  3. If you have trouble with motivation, consider hiring a trainer. Neither fitness trainers nor marketing and communications consultants do the work for you. Their value derives from planning your workouts, keeping you engaged and motivated, coaching you on form and technique, tracking your progress, and adjusting your routine for continual improvement.
  4. You generally get better results with high reps (frequent posts) at lower weights (shorter posts). 
  5. Maintain a sensible, balanced routine. It can’t be all blogging or all Twitter. Mix it up; work different social muscles.
  6. If you’re not seeing results or you’re skipping the gym for long periods, quit, and rejoin when you’re motivated to recommit. Odd thing is, we usually don’t. We just let that “low” monthly recurring charge ride because we believe that we’ll get back into the routine soon. And if you do decide to quit — or to set up a home gym (WordPress) — don’t let the membership director (blog host account executive) prey on your low self-esteem, either.


  1. Great analogy Jay!

  2. Jay Pinkert says:

    Thanks! I thought of that on the treadmill 🙂

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