Facebook for Law Firms

To use a lazy legal metaphor, the jury is still out on whether Facebook is a broadly applicable, consistently effective platform for legal marketing. But the Facebook page for English Lucas Priest & Owsley, LLP in Bowling Green, Ky., makes an interesting case.

I first encountered ELPO Law’s Facebook page through a link on Twitter. A series of tweets in February promoted their Facebook fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in which the firm would donate $1 for every new “like” for their page (up to a total of $1,000). Facebook promotions intended to grow followers are not new and can come off as gimmicky, but ELPO displayed genuine support for and engagement with the cause, and courage in trying something most law firms are too conservative to seriously contemplate, let alone attempt.

While the community-minded chutzpah to try new things initially got my attention, the consistency and quality of the firm’s Facebook persona keeps me interested:

  • Clear editorial POV: Posts are straightforward and low-key, comprised largely of short attorney bios (with photos), news items, and community and charitable event notices. To it’s credit, the page is not a blog substitute or an automated distribution channel for content from other platforms.
  • Clear personality: The content and style project an image of professionalism, pride and civic engagement. No hard sells.
  • Well-curated: The frequency of is strong, with extended streaks of daily posts, and unrepetitive posts.

ELPO Law’s Facebook page is a model well worth studying if you’re considering a Facebook strategy.

What are your favorite law firm Facebook pages? And don’t be too modest to plug your own firm’s.


  1. There is a groundbreaking new legal blog and associated Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/wellslawoffice. It combines with with professionalism and zeal for justice.

  2. Thank you so much! I maintain the Facebook page for ELPO and I’m thrilled to read this and I know the firm will be, too.

  3. Jay, I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing. Given the way I started using Facebook as a social (i.e., “fun”) sort of toy, I have had a preconceived bias against using it for more serious things such as for an actual law firm. Kudos to English Lucas Priest & Owsley, LLP for helping to change that by showing how it can be done with such a professional image, and you for sharing it with the rest of us!

    • Jay Pinkert says:

      I’ve had the same ambivalence. Even a well-designed, well-curated Facebook page might not generate value if there’s no audience.

      As with blogging, it comes down to 1) whether you are comfortable in the medium and 2) whether your current and/or prospective clients are likely to engage with you there.
      If you’re not confident in either of those areas, then it’s better to hold off and not burden yourself with another social media platform to monitor and maintain.

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