Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

During a bout of insomnia earlier this week I decided to get caught up on my Twitter hygiene and prune inactive friends/followers from my legal marketing accounts. This includes using Twitoria to unfollow individuals who have not tweeted in more than a month. To my surprise and dismay, one of these inactives turned out to be one of the subjects of a blog post I had planned for this week.

What started off as a post on successful niche law practices is now a cautionary tale about the downside of abandoning or neglecting social media marketing once you’ve started.

I learned of Alison Rowe’s equine law practice last year during a Cordell Parvin webinar, and started following her on Twitter and subscribed to her blog. In an interview last July she discussed her integrated social media marketing strategy and activities in detail. Based on those strong first impressions, I added her to my editorial calendar for a future blog post.

After I discovered that Rowe’s last tweet was Sept. 3, I checked out her other online real estate and saw that she hadn’t posted on her blog since June 30. Her last activity on her Facebook page was a Jan. 10 response to a question that had been posted Dec. 15.

This story still turned out to be a case study, just not the one I intended.

Once you start publicizing your social media credentials, you risk serious damage to your personal brand if you don’t maintain a credible level of activity.  It’s not a problem to take a break from — or even eliminate — active engagement in certain platforms, or social media altogether. Just alert your followers to what’s going on.

If you know you’re going to be away from Twitter or your blog for a while, post a placeholder status, like “I’ll be on hiatus from [Twitter, blogging, Facebook] for a few months, but let’s stay connected on [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn my blog, etc.]. ” If a platform isn’t working out for you and you don’t intend to resume activity, retire your account. Don’t just let it sit idle. It looks unprofessional. And you’ll disappoint Yoda.


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