The Best Things in Social Media Are Free

Earlier this week a prominent legal marketer’s LinkedIn post announcing a webinar entitled “What GCs Look For On Your Website When They Want to Hire a Lawyer” caught my attention. The $300 price tag lost it.


  1. A simple Google search would turn up the same information and more FOR FREE.
  2. The presenter for the scant 75-minute session was — you guessed it — a law firm website developer. So basically, participants paid $300 each for a sales pitch they could have gotten from the same person a) 1-on-1 b) in a customized version c) FOR FREE.

Don’t get me wrong, webinars can provide very useful education and training. As long as they have a clear ROI potential (i.e. proprietary, well-curated or difficult-to-find information), webinars are usually worth the cost of logging on. A little research up front will help you determine how much of your time and money a webinar’s worth. If it’s a well-trodden topic, my usual threshold is a little time and no money.

And fortunately, lots of top-tier bloggers and subject matter experts regularly offer webinars FOR FREE.

Applying the insights and specific action items you found FOR FREE during your Google search, you could instead invest that $300 in useful activities more likely to directly result in new business, like:

  1. Website redesign
  2. Updating and refreshing content
  3. Video (yes, it can be done that cheaply)
  4. Developing speakers bureau content like MCLE presentations
  5. Registration for an all-day conference where you’ll be able to interact and network with multiple speakers and participants (as opposed to remotely watching a 75-minute sales pitch in listen-only mode).

 What’s the most you’ve ever spent to attend a webinar? Was it worth it?


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