Getting Started in Legal Blogging: Selling Door-to-Door

I spent a recent morning  discussing legal social media with a client who, on her firm’s behalf, is just learning the ropes of blogging. One of our objectives was to develop a list of tactics that would answer management’s inevitable question, “What are we doing to drive traffic to our blog?”

We talked through the full gamut of mandatory technical levers — keyword research, SEO, SEM, linking strategies, search-optimized content — but kept coming back to the same conclusion: There are no shortcuts. It’s about hard work and building credibility post by post, comment by comment, response by response. What Jay Baer described as “hand-to-hand combat for eyeballs.”

Yes, first and foremost you need to have plenty of useful and/or entertaining content on your blog, but just setting up your tags and trusting that search engine spiders will take the bait is not going to ramp up your traffic and subscriber base.


The most direct and effective means of driving quality traffic and subscriptions to your blog is by posting comments and engaging in discussions on other blogs – Regularly contribute to the comment threads of blogs that a) attract frequent comments and exchanges by individuals in your target audiences or b) are written by individuals you’ve identified as key influencers/referral sources even if they don’t have a large following or active comment streams.

And be persistent:


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