Social Media Trends for 2011: Control, Privacy, Creative Destruction and Geomarketing

This week Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich) of Arment Dietrich ran a contest on her Spin Sucks blog to crowdsource a ninth (she already had eight) social media trend for 2011, all of which will be discussed on a one-hour webinar Dec. 15.

I’m proud to report that my notion of creative destruction was chosen as one of the winning ideas, rolling up into a larger trend that also incorporates the issues of control, privacy and geomarketing.

My original entry follows:

“Creative destruction will be the next big trend.

Consider reaction to the Facebook messaging announcement.

Data mining and content sharing will make social networking platform providers more attractive to advertisers and investors, but among users, privacy issues will become social media’s equivalent of ATT data plan contracts — despised “necessary evils” that will drive innovation by new competitors.”

“Facebook’s M.O. is to throw new features out there, see how the user community reacts, then apologize and promise to do better when they’re excoriated by the privacy community. It keeps happening, and users feel more frustrated and trapped. Simultaneously, the usability is neglected and remains a byzantine torture.

We have become dependent on an inadequate and unsatisfying monopoly and stick with it because there are no alternatives — yet.

While there are significant barriers to entry for like-Facebook-but-better platforms, I can absolutely see shifts in end user behaviors and tastes, (e.g. it’s just not fun anymore). In the absence of a 1:1 alternative, the competitors might be third-party niche players that build a following of their own through Facebook then split (Zynga is a clear candidate). Similarly, content distribution SAAS vendors could come out with an alternative engagement model.’

Check out all the entries and the interesting discussions they sparked.


  1. Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! I wish there were a way to do two-way webinars (it’s coming from us next year, but we’re building the technology right now). Because it’d be waaaaaay fun to have you talk about this, as well as me call you FollowtheLawyer live.

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