My Picks for Notable Posts of the Week 11/12/2010

Twitter is like a Dremel tool: Either it sits on your workbench unused, or it’s indispensable for every project. It all comes down to:

  1. Having a clear use case
  2. Keeping your tool in good working order,  and
  3. Looking for new ways to use it.

The Social Media Examiner nailed the use case issue with “8 Simple Steps to Grow a Quality Twitter Following,” including considerations like targeting, frequency, format and keywords.

Franck Robert posted one of the most comprehensive and useful Twitter resource lists I’ve ever encountered. Following are just a few of the links he’s assembled:

Mashable Twitter Tips:

 It is all about facilitating conversations, so learning how to build your community is vital to getting the most from your experience.

 Twitter for Business

It’s not all play on Twitter — there’s serious business being done as well, and this guide will teach you how to put Twitter to work.

Last but not least, since so much of Twitter’s value derives from retweets, Hubspot backs into some actionable tips through interesting and helpful graphics illustrating “8 Ways to Not Get Retweeted.”


  1. Nice picks Jay!

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