Market Each Blog Post Like a Product

The great thing about social media marketing is that the best ideas are the simplest — the rest is tweaking.

This morning I attended an Austin Social Media Breakfast presentation by Brian Massey (aka “The Conversion Scientist”) on strategies, tactics, data capture and measurement for content marketing, and came away with some commonsense but potentially transformational tips for lawyers on how to drive blog traffic and leads:

  1. Instead of treating your blog like an epistolary novel for other smart lawyers to admire, think of it as a supermarket of ideas and market each post on its own like a distinct product.
  2. Take a page from Guy Kawasaki and tweet out links to each new content “product” four times over an eight-hour period.
  3. Make sure that each post contains a call to action (e.g. free download offer, webinar sign-up link, etc.), or has one physically approximate to the post.

Lots of social media marketing gold to mine on Brian’s site. For additional information and resources on blog conversion, also check out Social Mouths.



  1. Jay, thanks for the mention. This is such a simple strategy. How many of us are trying to find the right words to describe our product or service; the words that will entice someone to click on an ad? Why not advertise that piece of entertaining, educational content — the paper, article, post or webinar — that helps readers understand WHY they should buy? This is true brand building in the digital age.

    • shatterboxvox says:

      Thanks for commenting! You’re a very persuassive evangelist. Increasing the frequency, reach and mix of social media “knowledge products” is an underappreciated — and certainly underutilized — strategy in professional services marketing. The first movers will have a distinct advantage.

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