Was Dudley Moore an SEO Prophet?

Over the past several months I’ve been listening for law firm promos on Austin public radio station KUT in preparation for an upcoming post. I’ve heard many, most of them undistinguished and unmemorable. An ad this morning was different. It wasn’t inspirational, aspirational, punning or poetic, and that’s like what made it stand out: I remember the firm and what they do.

The experience reminded of Dudley Moore’s 1990 movie “Crazy People,” a send-up of the advertising industry. Moore’s character is an ad exec suffering a mental breakdown that results in highly successful campaigns distinguished by blunt, plain-language taglines like “”Volvo — they’re boxy but they’re good.”

Isn’t that keyword-driven SEO in a nutshell? Boxy + Good = Volvo.

So back to this morning. Similar clarity and simplicity enables me to recall FosterQuan, a Houston-based immigration law firm with an office in Austin. The copy was straightforward — the firm’s name and the type of law they practice. The announcer even spelled out “Quan.”

In contrast to that, most law firms are still addicted to combinations of high-minded but ultimately generic terms in their advertising (i.e. what firm doesn’t have “experience?” ).

I don’t need an immigration lawyer, but if someone ever asks me for names, guess who I’ll mention.


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