What an ’80s Pop Song Can Teach Lawyers About Social Networking

You know all about “earworms,” right? Those distracting song fragments that you can’t get out of your head? Well, whenever I start contemplating a “tips for better blogging”-type post, I start hearing “Talk Talk” by the eponymous ’80s British band. Specifically, the refrain: “All you do to me is talk talk.” Allow me to explain…

One of the chief reasons why many legal marketers have a hard time attracting readers, tweeps and other assorted varieties of followers is that they focus on monologues rather than conversations; posting on their own blogs and eschewing the comment section of others’. The “cocktail party” is a common metaphor in social networking parables — I’ve used it at least once myself — and Jay Fleischman offered an excellent version on Lawyerist yesterday.

And today Gyi Tsakalakis posted a short meditation on “The Value of Saying Hello”:

“By saying hello, you are increasing the number of potential client contacts that you encounter throughout your day. From there, it’s simple probability. The more chances you are presented with for new clients, the more new client relationships you are likely to develop.”

Whether it’s a link in one of your posts, a guest comment on another blog, a tweet or a Facebook “like,” make time to “say hello” and let people know that you’re listening.

Now, does anyone have a good suggestion for getting rid of earworms? Counterpunching with the chorus of “Wheel in the Sky” usually knocks it out for me, but “Talk Talk” is a stubborn one for some reason.

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