Wit and Wisdom: Communicating Your Brand Through Visual Style and Tone

In Amber Naslund’s recent cri de coeur post on 9 Social Media Topics that Need to Die, “Content is King” is #6 on her hit list:

“Like hell. Creating content is not what wins you the prize. It’s not enough to write something, or populate a blog, or create a video. Content is worth precisely ZERO until it’s being found, consumed, and then used to do something. It needs to drive people to action – sharing, buying, building, interacting.”

Stated like a true marketer 🙂

My one corollary to that axiom is that meta-content like style, tone and brand relevance is subject to the same imperatives.

Marcus Roland’s Twitter profile describes his firm, Roland Legal PLLC, as “A virtual Lexington, Kentucky based workers’ compensation law firm — a different kind of law firm for a different kind of world.” The meaning and impact of that positioning statement is immediately evident when you land on the home page of Ouch!, the firm’s blog.

From the logo/title graphic treatment in the banner — part slapstick, part Apple “silhouette people” ad — to the clean, straightforward layout and content, the impression is witty, smart and accessible. Whether you read its posts or not, just scanning the blog makes a distinct impression, fully expressive of the firm’s brand. In this case, the “action” that it “drives” people to is a gut-level decision about whether this is a firm you want to learn more about.

What I admire about Roland’s approach to the blog is that, in addition to its uniqueness, it conveys a clear, integrated approach that animates the firm’s positioning. We’re all familiar with the “we’re tough…we fight for you…we’re passionate…we demand justice” approach to plaintiff law marketing common to most TV ads. Roland’s blog tells AND shows how the firm is different.

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