Lindsay Lohan Has a Long Tail

I originally was going to call this post “Six Degrees of Lindsay Lohan: Blawg Edition,” but I could not resist a once-in-a-lifetime headline that combines pop culture, jarring wordplay and a substantive lesson about social marketing for law firms.

So here’s the story…

Back in May, Austin criminal defense firm Sumpter & Gonzalez’ website was deluged by Lohan-iacs, all because of an FAQ that had previously languished in obscurity.

Here’s how blogmaster Dan described it in a June 17 post:

“…[W]e had an entire FAQ devoted strictly to explaining the SCRAM device…[In the process of exporting content from their old website to a new one], we noticed that the SCRAM page had been visited about 4 times in 18 months, and decided it was not worth migrating over.

Then, late last month, Lindsay Lohan gets ordered to wear one. Suddenly, the world is trying to figure out what on earth a SCRAM device is, and typing the words into Google. Since apparently the Internet is not full of great information on SCRAM devices, we end up getting massive traffic spikes – thousands and thousands of Lindsay Lohan fans, eager to better understand the tribulation their hero will now be facing, landing on our site.”

A textbook “Long Tail” phenomenon.

If you’re not familiar with the term, Long Tail describes the statistical property behind search engine optimization, the upshot of which is that combining common search terms with obscure or “niche” keywords can rocket your website or blog to the top of search listings.

Clearly Sumpter & Gonzalez’ felicitous result was serendipity, but it underscores how a well-crafted keyword SEO/SEM strategy based on specialization and unique content can pay off for legal marketers.

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