Daily Blogging Can Be As Easy As 1-2-3

According to the legions of SEO experts on the Interwebs, Goggle search bots LOVE blogs with frequent posts. Social media maven Liz Strauss believes writing and publishing on your blog every day makes you a better and more successful writer. Both are compelling arguments for cranking out a daily serving of blog.

I fancy myself a nuanced thinker and stylish, economical writer (DON’T JUDGE ME), so I tend to take too long mulling over headlines, distilling ideas into a few concise statements and pouring over bookmarked links for the perfect balance of relevance and link love. That takes time — LOTS of time. So I’m streamlining my blogging process to make myself more productive and my blog more effective. I surveyed as many “top 10” lists on the subject as is could find (until I hit the point of redundancy overload), and developed a “minimum acceptable post” approach to daily blogging that I believe will meet my objectives, and that I can sustain over time. This doesn’t mean I will not do longer posts, but at least I won’t have guilt and cognitive dissonance if I write short.

I’m calling it “The Daily 1-2-3”:

  • 1 hour.
  • 2 links minimum, no more than three.
  • 3 paragraphs (plus an optional closing).

I’ll keep you posted (as it were) on my progress.


  1. i have been thinking about doing a daily post everyday but i have never been sure on layout, word count, content etc… thanks for the post!

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