Blogs on the Back Burner

There’s a very interesting article this week on the Wisconsin Law Journal site exploring why some longtime legal bloggers are posting less frequently — sometimes going weeks or months between posts.

Are they lazy? Lousy? Quitters? Or worst of all, apostates?

To me they seem like smart marketers attuned with the best channels for their time and financial resources.

There are several very sound reasons to cut back or otherwise shift gears on your blogging output:

  • The blog has plateaued or hit a point of diminishing returns for business development purposes.
  • Business development objectives have been met and can be leveraged through other means/platforms with less effort.
  • Subscriptions, pageview stats and other performance metrics can be sustained with fewer posts.
  • The blogger has more than one blog to maintain.
  • It’s not performing optimally and needs retooling/reconcepting.
  • It’s become a vampire, draining precious time and money.
  • Other social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook groups) are more productive/interesting/engaging.
  • It’s not fun anymore.

The net takeaway here is that the tapering off of post output by people who’ve been at it a long time, some with notable success, does not mean that blogging as a business development tactic is in trouble or that the bloggers themselves have lost their mojo. By design or default, their social media habits/mix have evolved.

And that’s…OK 🙂

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