Wolfe Law Group Uses Social Media to Walk the Talk of Passionate Client Focus

I love a good case study, particularly when it demonstrates the integration of strategy and tactics. A tweet this morning by Scott Wolfe Jr. alerted me to an excellent one.

Let’s start with the tweet itself:

“New Blog Post: Celebrating Our 5th Year Blogging – Simplified Look and Free Construction Resources http://bit.ly/aqySsO

  1. It’s good practice to alert your Twitter followers to new content on your blog.
  2. Five years blogging is pioneering, even for tech blogs. For a law blog it borders on visionary — and as the saying goes, it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true.
  3. The message telegraphs tangible end-user benefits.

Of course I clicked through. They had me at “simplified” and “free.”

The post outlining the key improvements to the Construction Law Monitor was refreshingly clear and concise, and powerfully reinforced the firm’s unique value proposition:

“Our firm is fanatically focused on two things: construction & you. We center our practice
on serving those in the construction industry, and unlike representation you might have
encountered in the past, Wolfe Law Group is concerned about results, because we’re
concerned about you.”

Nice words, but how does that translate into action? Through a sophisticated, well-executed integrated social media strategy. Not just their own blogs — they have eight — but also through tools like a free comprehensive database of construction law blogs across the world, free legal guides on Avvo, free forms and documents on JD Supra and free presentations on SlideShare.

If you are new to social media, this is how it’s done well. Major consumer brands could take a few lessons.


  1. Thanks for bringing this firm to our attention. Sounds like they’re doing some great stuff.

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