Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Sun Microsystems‘ dictum  “Write once, run anywhere” (WORA), or sometimes write once, run everywhere (WORE) works as a metaphor for publishing social media content as well it does as a slogan to illustrate the cross-platform benefits of the Java programming language.

Today Foster Pepper PLLC tweeted out a link to their upcoming speaking engagements, and it reminded me that most law firms do not fully merchandise online the content they create and distribute free to the general public through events.

If you are going to the trouble of creating a Powerpoint deck for a keynote, why not get some SEO goodness out of it  by posting it on slideshare? And while you are practicing, why not add an audio track to it?

Maybe record a rehearsal on video, break it into short segments and create a YouTube channel for all your external presentations?

Of course, put it up on your Web site, blog it and tweet it out.

And make sure to automate the “create once, publish everywhere” process through the plugins that work best for you. Patrick Kelly recently posted some helpful observations for automatically posting your blog content on your Facebook page.

Working smarter AND less work.


  1. Jay: I agree with you completely. Why go to all that trouble to produce content if you’re not going to tell anyone about it? More importantly, “republishing” material across several SocMed channels is a good way for firms to raise their comfort level with social media and social networking tools, and learn the ropes before they begin to engage more actively.

    • shatterboxvox says:

      Thanks for making time to share your thoughts.

      So much potential value sits dormant. And there are so many good free tools for automating content distribution, so it doesn’t necessarily mean more work or expense.

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